Gene Expression Profiles with Global Clustering Effects and Smoothing Transitional Pattern

Yin-Jing Tien and Chun-Houh Chen






Matrix Visualization for Phylogenetic Classification of Proteins Encoded in Complete Genomes

ShengLi Tzeng, and Chun-Houh Chen





Adjustment and Evaluation of Gene Expression Clustering Results Using Conditional Matrix Visualization

Han-Ming Wu and Chun-houh Chen



2004 Taipei Symposium on Statistical Genomics


Chiun-How Kao, ShengLi Tzeng, and Chun-Houh Chen, Visualization of multivariate qualitative spatial data with generalized association plots




Han-Ming Wu and Chun-Houh Chen, Generalized association plots with a covariate adjustment

  2004/08/27 Compstat 2004




2003/10/4 OpenHouse at Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica