GAP is a java-designed software for generalized association plots (Chen, 2002) and exploratory data analysis. It is programmed for the java runtime environment 1.4, which is available for most operating systems.

Generalized Association Plots
  • Various seriation algorithms (Clustering Analysis) and display conditions.

  • GAP with Covaraite Adjusted

    • Within And Between Analysis (WABA). 

    • Partial Correlation Analysis.

  • GAP with Nonlinear Association Analysis

    • ISOMAP

    • Kernel Transformation

  • GAP with Missing Value Imputation

Statistical Plots: Histogram, 2D Scatterplot, 3D Scatterplot (Rotatable)


A package for cartography data analysis and researches based on GAP.


Generalized Association Plots in .NET version, an interactive environment for visualizing statistical information embedded in raw data matrices and proximity matrices for variables and subjects.

GAP-Lite v0.1 Windows XP/2000
Various kinds of similarity/dissimilarity measure
Hierarchical Clustering 
Dotplot Side-by-side
Sufficient Graphs


An interactive classification-tree builder and viewer guided by Sliced Inverse Regression. (Joint with Ker-Chau Li.)
An interactive diagnosing system for Multidimensional Scaling