Handbook of Computational Statistics (Volume III)
Data Visualization

Chun-houh Chen, Wolfgang Härdle, and Antony Unwin (eds)
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg

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Handbook of Computational Statistics (Volume III): Data Visualization


Table of Contents


I. Data Visualization (1)



II. Principles (10)

     A brief History of Data Visualization

     Good Graphics?

     Static Graphics

     Data Visualization Through Their Graph Representations

     High Dimensional Data Visualization

     Multivariate Data Glyphs: Principles and Practice

     Graph-Theoretic Graphics

     Linked Data Views

     Linked views for visual exploration

     Visualizing Trees and Forests


III. Methodologies (18)

     Interactive Linked Micromap Plots for the Display of Geographically Referenced Statistical Data

     Grand Tours, Projection Pursuit Guided Tours and Manual Controls

     Multidimensional Scaling - A Review

     Huge multidimensional data visualization: back to the virtue of principal coordinates and

        dendrograms in the new computer age

     Multivariate Density Estimation for Visualization

     Structured Sets of Graphs

     Structural adaptive smoothing by Propagation-Separation-methods

     Smoothing Techniques for Visualization

     Data Visualization via Kernel Machines

     Visualization of Cluster Analysis and Finite Mixture Models

     Visualizing Contingency Tables

     Mosaicplots and their Variations

     Parallel Coordinates: Visualization and Classification of High Dimensional Datasets

     Matrix Visualization

     Visualization in Bayesian Analysis

     Java Tools and Environment for Statistical Data Visualization

     Web-based Statistical Graphics using XML Technologies

     Regression by Parts: Fitting Visually Interpretable Models with GUIDE


IV. Selected Applications (7)

     Data Visualization for Genetic Networks Reconstruction

     Visualizing Genomic Data

     Reconstruction, Visualization, and Analysis of Medical Images

     Exploratory Graphics of a Financial Dataset

     Graphical Data Representation in Bankruptcy Analysis

     Visualizing Functional Data With an Application to eBay’s Online Auctions

     Visualization Tools for Insurance Risk Processes






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