History: New Features/Bug Reports/Fixed


2011-03-31 (version v0.2.7d)

  • add Ordering Comparison component.
  • fix bugs for Covariate-adjusted MV.


  • input data: proximity data (similarity or dissimilarity matrix).
  • using a new java to exe builder.


  • Blocks selection by mouse for raw data map and two proximity maps.
  • Mouse tool: adding a zooming window.

2006-12-07: v0.2, Build 20061207 released!

  • fixed many bugs!
  • see tutorial for more details.

2006-05-13: v0.1.015, Build 20060515 released!

  • add moving lines on three matrix maps.
  • show up data table when a data is imported.


  • add variables/subjects view, and interaction with matrix maps.
  • add selection mode on 2D and 3D plots.


  • sectional display beyond the selected range
  • add kmeans clustering


  • add: make splits for dendrogram.
  • add: mean profile plot for blocks.
  • add: profile plot for a row.
  • add: finding similar pattern subjects.
  • modify: tree selection with splits


  • modify: New design for GAP procedure Panel.
  • add: Centroid linkage
  • add: New similarity/dissimilarity measures: City-Block (L1), abs(Pearson's Correlation, Uncentered Correlation, abs(Uncentered Correlation.


  • add "Set Working Directory" from the "File" menu.
  • add Pop-up menu to the data/file tree panel (with item save data).
  • add "file extension filter" to the "open data dialog" and "open image dialog".
  • add "export data..." and "export image" functions in the pop-up menu. (right click on the GAP maps)
  • redesign the export image interface: File-> Export -> Image
  • Fix the displaying values for the Range tab in Control Panel.
  • Fix the legend values of the color spectrum for the Binary data.


  • export images to bmp format.

2005-11-21: GAPv0.1.012_win_setup.exe

  • data Transpose (Data -> Transpose...)
  • dendrogram "reverse"
  • dendrogram "Tree Cut" in colors by mouse dragging
  • add "atan proximity"
  • Fix: dendrogram zoom-in zoom-out 的redraw問題。
  • Fix: sediment plot for microarray layout。
  • Fix: gap images export路徑問題。
  • Fix: 用slider 和button 做images zoom-in, zoom-out時, resize(redraw) 已較smooth.

2005-11-08:  GAPv0.1.011_win_setup.exe

  • Tree flip with external guideance (incuding elliptical seriation).
  • Proximity measure for binary data, nominal data (not implemented!),
  • categorical data (not implemented!).
  • User's Guide update. (not finished!)

2005-10-25: GAPv0.1.010_win_setup.exe

  • Tree flip with uncle, grandpa, random and manual.
  • Subtree selection with colors.

2005-09-22: GAPv0.1.008_win_setup.exe

  • Splash of the logo
  • Options -> Setting -> Ellipse epsilon
  • Options -> Preferences -> LookAndFeel
  • jImageSeg: Image Segmentation
  • File -> Open Images (only 256-gray)
  • select C:\Program Files\GAP\Data\heart8.bmp
  • (most of functions are not available yet!)
  • jMATool: Can read in data in two formats: microarray data table and *.gpr.
  • ToolBox -> Microarray -> Microarray Data Table (NOT Finished Yet!)
  • Statistics -> Visual Analysis (NOT Finished Yet!)
  • Java Performance Tuning:
  • More efficient way to calculate on L2-distance/correlation matrix
  • and to display GAP maps.

2005-08-19: GAPv0.1.007_win_setup.exe

  • Perform KSIR
  • load a build-in dataset to test program
  • MenuBar: Data -> DataSets -> Fisher's Iris Data
  • or open a dataset from the local drive
  • MenuBar: File -> Open Data
  • kernel Transform
  • MenuBar: Data -> Transform
  • Perfoem SIR
  • MenuBar: Statistics -> Dimension Reduction -> Sliced Inverse Regression or press "DR" icon


  • Project Begin


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