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Lab Tel: 886-2-2783-5611 ext: 407 or 309
Lab Office: R407, R309
Chen, Chun-Houh; Associate Research Fellow
Ph.D in Mathematics (Program in Statistics), UCLA
Tel Ext: 407
Ouyoung, Chih-Wen
M.S. in Math. Statistics, National Chung-Cheng University
Kao, Chiun-How
M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering, Yuan-Ze University
Tel Ext:141
Yin-Jing Tien
M.S. in Statistics, National Chiao- Tung University
PhDing in Statistics, National Central University
Tel Ext:318
 何孟如 Ho,Meng-Ru
M.S. in Statistics, National Chiao- Tung University
PhDing in TIGP

The Advanced Bioinformatics Core (ABC)
Genomic Statistics for Complex Diseases

顏佐榕 博士 Dr. Yen, Tso-Jung
Tel Ext:320
朱是鍇 Ziu, Zi kya
Tel Ext:174
周于玄 Chou, Tina
Tel Ext:163
林芳華 Lin, Fang-Hua
Tel Ext:620
陳奕誠 Chen, I-Chen
Tel Ext:108
張倫境 Chang, Lun-Ching
Tel Ext:164
黃亮瑾 Huang, Liang-Chin
Tel Ext:162


Wu, Han-Ming (Hank)
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Tamkang University
Ph.D in Statistics, National Chiao- Tung University
Tel: +886-2-26215656 ext: 3147
 須上英 Shang-Ying, Shiu
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics, National Taipei Unversity
Tzeng, Sheng Li
M.S. in Statistics, National Chiao- Tung University
Tel Ext: 318

M.S. in Department of Public Health, National Cheng Kung University
E-mail: oliver
M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Managment, National Tsing Hua University 
E-mail: chhuang
Wu, Yi-Chen
M.S. in Institute of Health Policy and Management, National Taiwan University
M.S. in Biostatistics Devision of the School of Public Health at University of Minnesota 
Chang, David  Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University
PhDing in International Ph.D. program in Bioinformatics.
葉紫君  Yeh, Tzu-Chun
M.S. in Statistics, National Cheng-chi University

林倩如 Lin, Chien-Ru
M. S. in Statistics, National Cheng Kung University

M.S. in Department of Applied Mathematics, Dong Hwa University
E-mail: siylin


Wu, Shih-Hsuan (Amy)
M.S. in Statistics, UCLA; 
M.S. in Computational Biology, USC
Period: 2003/05/ - 2003/07

Chang, Angela
Assistant Professor
Department of Advertising, Chinese Culture University
Period: 2003/06/ - 2003/08

John Wagaman
Ph.D. Student, Statistics, Texas A&M University
M.S., Statistical Computing, University of Central Florida (2003)
Period: 2004/07/ - 2004/08
Tel Ext: 116
Period: 2004/07/ - 2004/08